Re: Microsoft force installs Windows 10 update to remove Flash Player!


Flashplayer has become a high security risk. I got a file several months
ago to totally uninstall flash player. Everyone needs to make sure they no
longer have the flash player installed.

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Hi Everyone,
I was just doing some reading, and I came across this, and I thought some
might be interested in what I copied and pasted below.

Microsoft force installs Windows 10 update to remove Flash Player
By Lawrence Abrams
February 17, 2021 11:19 AM 4
Adobe Flash

Microsoft is force installing a Windows 10 update that removes the embedded
32-bit version of Adobe Flash Player from the operating system.
In October, we reported that Microsoft had released the KB4577586 optional
update to remove the embedded 32-bit Flash Player from Windows and prevent
it from being installed again.
32-bit Flash shown in Windows 10 Control Panel
This update was only available from the Microsoft Catalog, and once
installed, could no longer be removed. This update marks an end to embedded
Flash in the Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows Server operating systems.
Starting yesterday, Microsoft has begun to distribute the 'Update for
Removal of Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 (KB4577586)' update via Windows
Update as what they state is an optional update.
IMPORTANT As part of the end of support for Adobe Flash, KB4577586 is now
available as an optional update from Windows Update (WU) and Windows Server
Update Services (WSUS). Installing KB4577586 will remove Adobe Flash Player
permanently from your Windows device. Once installed, you cannot uninstall
KB4577586. For more details about Microsoft's plans, see Update on Adobe
Flash Player End of Support.

In our tests, though, the update is automatically installed without your
permission and without prompting you first.

Automatically installing the KB4577586 update
Once installed, the KB4577586 update will be listed under 'Other Updates' in
the 'View update history' section, as shown below.
KB4577586 update automatically installed
BleepingComputer has contacted Microsoft to confirm if the update's
automatic installation is a mistake but has not heard back.

Peace Be With You.

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