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I copied and pasted some information that Laz had recently posted to the list below, you can check this out to see if you might be interested in something like this.  I did buy this, but I haven’t had the time yet to connect it to see how well it works though.  I bought mine from Amazon for I think $ 34.99, as it was on sale, and the regular price was $69.99.   





The portable Swivel Jack RTX Bluetooth transmitter/receiver is just $44.99! Perfect for making your Victor Stream or any device with a headphone jack, able to connect to your Bluetooth headphones or speaker! Connect it to your computer's USB port and have it come through your Bluetooth headset or speaker! The receiver side speaks everything from power on through power off! It boasts a range of 100 Feet and much more...


I hope that helps.

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From: [] On Behalf Of Steven Johnson
Sent: Sunday, February 21, 2021 9:37 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Seeking Bluetooth dongle for PC recommendation


Hi everyone.  I would like to buy a USB Bluetooth dongle to add Bluetooth to my laptop to be able to use a pair of Bluetooth headphones with my computer.  I bought a Chinese one last year that took forever to connect, and had no range at all.  Anyone familiar with a good brand with at least Bluetooth 4.1 that works well?

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