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Monica Jones

If you have Bookshare, why not just put the book in Voicedream that way. This always works for me. I could see you trying this through Dropbox with something that isn’t Bookshare, but you can add your Bookshare account to Voicedream just like you add your Dropbox account. It’s only a suggestion in case you didn’t know you could do it. You may have a reason for wanting to go through Dropbox.

Sent: Friday, December 04, 2015 8:15 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] more about voice ream app, and dropbox

Hi all,\I am trying to use the dropbox way to add books in my voice dream app, but looks like I am doing something wrong. I  downloaded a book from bookshare, it is a text only daisy  book, it is a zip file, and inside the zip file are the whole folders and files that the daisy book needs.

Well, I tried 2 different things. One, I copied the zip file in my dropbox folder, and in my voice dream app, when I go to add, opens the list of buttons like dropbox, iCloud, iTunes, editor, etc, etc. I double tab on dropbox, and I see my zip file, the bookshare book. Double tab to select the zip file, and double tab in done button. But in the list of books in my voice dream app, doesn’t appear the new book, the bookshare book. Second tried, I unzip the zip file, and I copied the whole folder inside my dropbox folder, in my voice dream appp, I go to add button, double tab, double tab on dropbox button, and here I see the folder that I copied to my dropbox folder. The problem is that when I double tab on the folder, the book appears like files, not like a daisy book, so It doesn’t work neither.


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