Re: Radio Garden

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Hello Walter:

Thanks for the info shared about Radio Garden. Yes, I found the app and
installed it on one of my Shiny Android Toys to play with. As I type this,
I am listening to a radio station in some distant land. I don't know how to
SPIN THE SAID GLOBE, but I did do some tinkering. For example, I found that
by double tapping with two fingers, the app would switch me from one station
to another. I began my tinkering by listening to several stations here in
my bush. I then tapped on Search, chose a country, and, surprisingly,
several stations were displayed.

One caveat: The app DOES CONTAIN ADVERTISING. However, for $2.49 (plus or
minus Sales Tax), the advertising will go away. Audible advertising,
however, WILL NOT GO away. It appears the app's developers are unable to

The app is developed by either an individual, or a group of people/company
doing business as Radio Garden, BV.

For now, I'm electing to play with the app for a while longer before making
a purchase decision. I suppose I might grow to like it especially since the
price point is pretty cool for Androidville; should that happen, I'll have
the app screaming on all My Shiny Android toys.

In terms of accessibility from a blindness perspective, no qualms or
problems there just yet. I have not found a way to CLOSE THE APP though:
It I hit the BACK BUTTON, I would LAND ON MY HOME SCREEN, but whichever
station I am on will continue to play in the background. Hopefully closing
the app will not be a hit-&-miss affair.

That's about it for now; if necessary I'll share more info if I happen to
uncover a new thing or two about the app. Now, go have fun with it on your
smart toy of choice, I don't think the computer will qualify in that

Denver, Colorado

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