Blind Android Users podcast team apologizes for the shortterm unavailability of episode 10, lets welcome android 12 due to false copywrite clames filed by 2 individuals wanting to distroy the community


Dear friends,
first of all, we dont like to bring such things to the community but
we thought as members of the community you all should know what is
going on.
we are writing to apologize to those of you who have noted the missing
episode 10 of our podcast that became unavailable on Sunday, 21.

2 individuals who are not happy that our podcast has following, false
filed a report with our podcast host, claiming that our podcast has
infringed on their intellectual property.
Our host, who fell for their claim, took immediate action, pulling
down the episode.

These very same individuals have been fighting tooth and nail to
destroy, not only our podcast but our mailing list ever since we
started and this unrelenting effort, finally paid off for them when an
episode of ours got taken down.

I am however, delighted to report that we reached out to our host and
not only is the episode back on, but they have reinstated it to the
date that it was posted--Feb. 19.
as the clame was fraudulent

Again, I want to thank you all for sticking it out with us and it's a
shame that it is our own blind people who are doing everything
possible to destroy another effort from another group of people who
like themselves, are also blind!

I believe that there's room for all of us to do what we want to do as
we serve our blind communities, but there's absolutely no reason,
whatsoever, for another blind group, bent at destroying the efforts of
others, in the quest of wanting to be the only podcast for the blind.
This cannot be, and anyone with a good conscience will see this for what it is.

I am not asking you folks to leave their group or anything like that,
rather, I leave it to you to come to your own conclusion as to whether
or not, this is the type of group that you would like to be part of--a
group that is bent on destroying the very effort that is intended on
helping the very same blind communities that we all are serving.

Again, my apologies for the little detraction that led to the
interruption of our last episode.
the episode can now be found at

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