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Troy Burnham

Thanks Gene. Since I found out I had to have the reinstall done I started thinking about the portable thunderbird because I lost my entire address book and will have to rebuild it slowly as messages come in since I don't remember most of the addresses I had. As you said if I had been using portable thunderbird all along it would've saved me part of the headache of reinstalling some of the programs that I'm now having to install since I would've already had thunderbird ready to go.


On 2/22/2021 5:13 PM, Gene wrote:
Read messages using simpl html. Open the view menu, alt v.
Down arrow to message body as and press enter.
Arrow up and down to find simple html and press enter.  The menus will close and the problem will be solved.
I've been advising people to use the portable version of thunderbird and to back it up.  This is a good illustration of why.  If you use the installed version, you had to place the address book in the program you installed and you have to make any settings changes again you had already made.  You also have to set up your account or account again.  If you were using the portable version and it was backed up, you could simply copy the folder to your machine and begin using it with no more work.

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Hi all,

I've just reinstalled thunderbird after I had to have windows 10
reinstalled on my laptop and now on almost all messages I'm getting the
message that to protect my privacy thunderbird has blocked remote
content. How do I stop this message?



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