episode 11 of blind android users is now ready for you to listen.


Thank you for joining us on Episode 11.

In this episode, we touched a little bit more on Android 12,
especially on the fact that, the two-finger hold-down to enable
accessibility upon booting up the phone has been removed, leaving only
the two-volume key hold-down.
This is a review of android 12 after using for 2 days.
We were also delighted to report that Eloquence still works on the
Android 12 Developer Preview 1 and all the apps that I, Warren has on
my phone, including KNFB reader, surprisingly work.
We also touched on the fact that in Android 12, for those who rely on
magnification, there is now an option to only magnify portions of the
screen or a given area on the screen.
We then did a short demo of KNFB reader which surprisingly works on
android 12 dp1.
Then for the app of the week section, we did a demo about National
Park Service App (NPS)
this app is only useful for people in the USA.
About magnification, our guest, Pete Torking from the UK, demonstrated
Keypass, a password management app and in the process, mentioned other
password management apps, including sites that would let you know if
one of your passwords have been compromised.
when Pete did a demonstration of keypass and other apps, you will not
hear talkback as he uses magnification.
But he has given a detailed step by step description of what you should do.
We will do a demo of these apps with talkback shortly.
The conversation also touched on data breach sites that would let you
know if your email is out there with your passwords and those sites

"Have I Been Pwned" from:
"Breach Directory" from:
Pete then proceeded to tell us about his Android Journey story.

It was a joy having Pete and as always, we would love for you guys to
come on live or via a recording and tell us your Android Journey

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untill next week, stay safe.

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