Re: pinning items to the taskbar in windows 10?

Roberta Nevels

Focus on what you want to pen and press the application key or Shift f10 then arrow down to the pen to task bar.

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Hi all,

I'm trying to pin 2 versions of jaws to my taskbar in the latest version of windows 10 and I'm having trouble.

The instructions on google say to highlight what you want to pin and
right click it and go to more and then to pin to taskbar, and I'm using
the right mouse button to right click but when I tried it yesterday I
was constantly getting the wrong thing pinned although I knew I was
highlighted on jaws to start, then as I'm trying it this morning
something totally different is happening and the same menu isn't even
opening up when I right click. What am I missing? I've done this
successfully before although it wasn't with the most updated version of
windows 10.



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