Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Hello All:

I'm hoping that any number of us in the House use the Cash App from Square.
I have an issue that I can't seem to resolve. Here's the scenario:

I was trying to MAKE A PAYMENT to someone using CashApp. I tapped on the
Pay Button, entered the recipient's info, and, when it was time to tap on
the Pay Button to send it through, a message in the app window stated that I
had not sent funds to the said individual before; it then asked if I'd like
to add the individual to My Contacts. I tapped on YES hoping everything
would be good to go; no dice. Now here are my questions:

1. Using the CashApp, can one only send/transfer funds to people in one's

2. Does anyone know a good contact E-mail address for CashApp's tech
support? I didn't find one either online or in the app.

In general, I don't KEEP ANY CONTACTS on any of my toys. Anyhow, I look
forward to reading your thoughts, much thanks for all help.

Denver, Colorado

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