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Mike B.

Hi Veronica,
Here's how to set Edge as the default from the Edge menues.
The steps below are with forms mode set to manual in Edge.
1. With Edge open press, Alt + F,to open the menu and press, S, to open Settings.
2. Down arrow  until you hear Jaws say, Settings Categories, now down arrow 1 time to,Profilestree view item selected 1 of 16, and press enter.
3. Down arrow to, Default Browser, press enter.
4. Tab a couple of times to, Make default, and press the spacebar.
5. Now tab through the rest of the options pertaining to letting Internet Explorer open pages in Edge or to have pages load in internet Explorer mode.  Leaving these settings at their defaults would probably be best.
There's nothing more to do so, Alt + F4 to close, and Edge should now be your default browser.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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  1. Hit your windows key and type default.

When you hear default program, hit enter.

  1. You’ll land in the control  panel. Tab around to  set default programs and hit enter.
  2. 4. Wait for the list of programs to populate, and either hit M or use you’re arrow keys to go down to Microsoft Edge.
  3. 5. Tab to set this program as default and hit space.
  4. Tab to ok and hit enter.

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Hello group,


As recommended I still have Internet Explorer on my windows 7 computer.  But how do I go about making Microsoft Edge my main internet browser, as IE thinks it still is.  Thank you very much for your input.




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