Re: KaiOS Algotel Go Flip3

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Chief Gene wrote in part:

"I wonder if smart phones can tell you the signal strength and if it can
read it on the home screen or if you have to issue a special screen-reader

On My Shiny Android toys, no need to issue any special screen reader
command(s) to obtain this info. Numbers of bars, type of connectivity--4G
or LTE, WI-FI strength, and battery-related info are all readable. These
are displayed at the topmost part of my toys and swiping from left to right
reveals info on each one. Also, I can swipe down with two fingers to launch
Notifications; here, more info about any of these is also displayed and

Not sure I explained anything clearly, but I'll try to answer questions.

Denver, Colorado

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