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Monte Single

Hi, I shouldhave said I am using nvda in chrome with win10; all software
current versions.

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That is normally how it works, but when I go to the link given by Monte,
pressing spacebar or enter doesn't seem to open up any more text. It just
changes the "read more" to "read less".

Monte, what version of JAWS and Windows are you using?

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The button changess to read less because you have chosen to read more. If
you want to go back to reading less, that is now the purpose of the button.
You are now able to read more. This is just the same as a button on a web
page for an audio player that says mute. When you press it and sound is
muted, the button will now say play.

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Subject: [TechTalk] read more button

Hi List,

Below is a link to a Kraft web page with info about;

Kraft extra cheddar cheese slices.

On the web page, I press h and land on the heading for the product.

After line or 2 there is a button that says "read more".

When I click on the button with space bar or enter, the button torns into,
"read less".

What is the correct key press to read more?



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