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Howard Traxler

Thanks guys, for your comments.  This printer is an all-in-one, colour, inkjet, two-sided printer with a document feeder.  From my experience with the last four or five HP inkjet printers that I have discarded, the HP software is not very accessible.  Of course, it could be better now.  I would greatly enjoy having a modern printer that worked like my first one, the Epson MX80.  Turn it on and initiate a print job at the computer.  I think this is the one I'm gonna buy.  Amazon rates it at a 4.4 out of 5.  Most of the bad reviews that I read complain about the setup procedure.  The guy I talked to at the HP accessibility department said they will help if I need help with setup.

So, the ducks are just about in a row.  Now to come up with a couple hundred extra bucks. hihi

Thanks again.

On 2/27/2021 9:13 PM, John Holcomb II wrote:
I have no idea how accessible the printer software is on the PC either.

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Hi Howard,

Do you wantan all-in -one, or just a printer with buttons?

It seems to me that most of the printer features are available through the software that comes with the printer.
What do the buttons really control besides off and on, on line, off line, maybe print a test page and such.
Things like print quality,number of copies, single or double sided, landscape or portrait, are all selected in the printer software interface.
Just because a printer has a few buttons, that does not make it more accessib\le.

How much does this printer cost?
Is space a priority?

I always choose to have a printer and scanner separate. If I have the room.
It is well known that ink jet printers are famous for clogged print nozzles if not used frequently.
Just a few thoughts from my experience.

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good evening all
Recently, I have written requesting suggestions to help choose a new printer. I think I have settled on one and I'm wondering if anyone else here has purchased this particular one and how it's working out? I'm looking at the HP Envy 6455. It's an all-in-one ink-jet printer with no touch screen and has buttons (as described in the manual). However, product reviews on Amazon look pretty grim. Ideas anyone? Thank you all.


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