Re: How Do You Display The Available Networks In the Tree View of this PC/Windows Explorer?

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

What the issue actually was involved displaying the navigation bar and the networks listing in that item. I found the answer after being a bit confused in a Google search.  To display the navigation bar, you use the ribbon and press alt + v followed by n and then check the show navigation bar.  Then you move around within that tab and make sure that networks are displayed. It takes a while after you make these choices for the system to react and display the navigation bar and what you wan t within it. It actually didn't show up on my systme for several minutes.

On 2/28/2021 7:05 AM, John Sanfilippo wrote:
It kind of depends on how you have File Explorer set up. But, in my case:
To open explorer, press windows plus e.
Now try:
alt up arrow, and arrow thru the list of things, among which will be Network.

Quite independent of that, You might also try pressing windows k to view available connected devices.

Keep in mind that Windows ten now has an alphabet soup of windows key commands, some of which you may really like. So you can just press the windows key with some letter or number and see what happens. If you encounter something you would rather avoid, press escape or alt f4.


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