Outlook 2010 help needed please

Walter Ramage

Hi to all.  A week or so back I posted explaining the need to move away from Office 2007 and the email client Outlook 2007.  I eventually opted to go with Office 2019 but unfortunately my computer guy forgot that office 2019 will only function on Win10 of which two of my computers are Win10 but the other 2 are Win7.  Therefore he installed Office 2010 on those two Win7 machines.


My problem now is for some reason the view has changed.  This morning the view showed the sender, then the subject line and then the time of arrival then the size.  However when I returned to my emails this afternoon it only shows the sender’s name i.e. from Anne, from Bill, from susan etc.  As outlook 2010 and 2019 are complete ribbon driven I have experimented but no matter what I try I can’t return the view to what I am used to.  The terminology appears to differ from Office 2007 so I’m not really sure which settings I should choose  If somebody can inform me of what options I should use to return the view back to what I’m used to I will be appreciative.  With thanks.  Walter.

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