Re: Jarte

Geoff Eden

Troy, cut exactly what appears below to your clipboard before running jarte. if you do, it will open in screen reader mode. Crazy but true.

enable screen reader mode


On 3/2/2021 4:54 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hi all,

If any of you use Jarte, a free Microsoft word replacement, and use jaws with it I can get it to open files but jaws isn't reading anything automatically. I have to arrow to a line and then do the say line command.

It was working before I had to have windows 10 reinstalled a couple of weeks ago and when I reinstalled it I upgraded from Jarte 5.4 to Jarte 6.2, does anybody know what I can do to make it read automatically? I've even cycled through the jaws options with insert-s and that hasn't helped.

One of the files I'm trying to read was apparently originally created with Word-97 and I had to install something to even make the file open, so if anybody does use this program and can tell me how to save it so that it might read easier that's okay too. I'm actually having trouble with 2 files, both are dot doc files.

Thanks in advance.


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