Re: accessible accessories to make a dumb exercise bike a smart exercise bike


In the new york times today, thursday, is an article of a person who did exactly what you propose. She did the internet part using an ipad
and using body sensors feeding it.

On Wed, 3 Mar 2021, Cristóbal wrote:

Hello list,

So as the subject line states, I???d like to make my ???dumb??? exercise bike
smarter. I???ve poked around online and there appear to be lots of resources
on this topic since I like a lot of other folks don???t??? feel like shelling
out the big bucks for a peloton along with the subscription.

I???ve got a 15 year old Schwinn recumbent bike that is still holding strong
and am not looking to upgrade as long as it???s still working. Even then, I
think I???d be more inclined to buying a more traditional bike for when I next
upgrade instead of something that???s Internet connected where with any sort
of app or firmware update, it can become inaccessible just like that.

Anyway, getting to my question, has anyone tackled this dumb bike/smart bike
project? Can they recommend any iOS accessible tools to get for measuring
heart rate, speed, distance etc.? I???m not an Apple watch owner and have no
desire to get one and would be perfectly fine with a stand-alone heart rate
monitor. My understanding is that Wahoo fitness stuff is the way to go to
get connected, but again and as always, what???s accessible for us? iOS




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