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One statement is very interesting in terms of the accessibility of the browser. By it self, it means nothing in terms of accessibility, but it raises the question of how these results will be displayed and if they will be accessible.
6. It's Fast : Brave Search connects to the browser and offers instant results as you type.

Is there also a results page that comes up or are these suggestions in a list a screen-reader can move through?

I don't have much opinion about this search engine. I do have questions. Both Duck Duck Go and Start Page say you aren't tracked. Smart Page uses Google results but says it doesn't track you. I don't know what Duck Duck Go uses. Since Google is generally agreed to have the best results, that's my impression, can this new browser really compete? Does it have the resources that Google has to produce an equivalent search engine in terms of results?

I very much like the fact that the browser won't tailor results. That just helps insulate people in their own selflimiting world. But does Start page do any such tailoring or Duck Duck Go? Is this an advantage of the proposed new browser or are they just saying this is one thing it does?

I like the Brave Browser and I use it. I like the reason it exists, it does more than just not track you and give good protection against others tracking you. I won't go into it here, but what makes it really different is how it handles advertising. But is this search engine really beneficial and necessary?


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Good Morning Everyone,

Just thought some might be interested in reading about what I copied and pasted below. I think this is wonderful news, in which I definitely welcome. I myself have signed up and am currently on the waiting list!


Brave Is Launching a Privacy-Focused Search Engine to Compete With Google
MAR 4, 2021, 11:27 AM EST | 1 min read
The Brave logo with some art assets related to its search engine.
secured your web activity, and now it wants to secure your search results. The underdog browser, which grew to over
26 million
users last year, is gearing up to launch
Brave Search,
a "
alternative to Google Search" without any trackers or "algorithmic bias." Brave Search will take on the big dogs, including
the most popular private search engine.
Of course, Brave isn't building its search engine from scratch-the company will instead base Brave Search on
a privacy-focused search engine from the crew
at Cliqz
a now-bankrupt fork of Mozilla's European division. Brave aquired the Tailcat search engine in March 2021 and
that it's a suitable foundation for Brave Search thanks to its privacy-focused code.
Unsurprisingly, the Brave blog post announcing Brave Search includes a list of tenets. You can read the full manifesto on
Brave's blog,
or skim this quick summary:
list of 7 items
1. Privacy : Brave Search doesn't track users.
2. User-First : Brave Search focuses on users, not advertisers.
3. Ad-Free Option : Users can pay for ad-free search results.
4. Anonymized Crawling : Big tech companies spend billions to "crawl" websites and generate search results. Brave Search relies on anonymous community
contributions instead.
5. Anti-Bias : Brave Search doesn't use algorithms to create biased search results or censor websites.
6. It's Fast : Brave Search connects to the browser and offers instant results as you type.
7. Open Engine : Anyone can use Brave Search to develop their own search engine.
It's worth mentioning that Brave Search does use algorithms, but it provides filters (or "
") to let you modify how the algorithm ranks content. These filters could provide additional transparency for Brave Search, or help early-adopters refine
their search results on the fly.
Want to try Brave Search? Brave hasn't clarified when its search engine will go live, but you can sign up for the
today for early access. You could also try
another privacy-oriented search engine.
Brave Search
Want to be first in line for the privacy-focused Brave Search? Plug your email address into the waitlist today!
Tech Crunch
article end

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