Re: Acrobat Reader DC

Allen West

I appologize for the late response. I received the answer from a
co-worker. I got so busy, I haven't had an opportunity to try it yet.
Here are the instructions I received.
In the conttrol panel, go to default apps and enter on the link,
choose default apps. Tab to Acrobat Reader DC and hit the spacebafr to
make it the default.
I will try it in the morning. I have been working for a little over
twelve hours today and don't trust my judgment at this point.


On 3/5/21, Allen West via <> wrote:
I found how to make Acrobat Reader DC the defauolt.

On 3/5/21, Allen West via <> wrote:

I have always been able to make Acrobat Reader DC the default for
opening PDF's. In the past week, I have tried to make this change on
two computers. The default is MS Edge. Has something changed?
I'm trying to help two friends. If you know, please let me know.



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