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Actually Nextdoor was a big help to me last spring when i couldn't locate face masks. it seemed like every place was sold out,a nd it would take two months to get them from Amazon. I put out an inquiry on nextdoor, and got several responses from folks in my neighborhood who were making masks at home. Some folks charged a little, but many were giving them out for free.


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Jim is an Androidean! We run into each other regularly in our Androidville
Village Square. Yes, NextDoor is also an Android app and signing up with it
is so much easier than trying to do it on a computer.

Personally, I find the app really, really boring! Virtually everyone on
there in my neighbourhood are always LOSING THEIR DOGS AND CATS! I do
wonder why they bother to have pets of any kind when they're not
particularly ready and available to care for and protect their pets. I
don't have a pet for two reasons: First, I am allergic to fur and constant
shedding may send me gate crashing seven feet below this ground; second, I'm
NOT AVAILABLE to care for a pet and it will be a sin to neglect it assuming
I find one that won't shed hair at all.

Denver, Colorado

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