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Monte Single

Hi Olusegun,

I can appreciate someone phing a hundred bucks for ms office when it
comes with a 5 person licence, butt when it is for a single user, it's
just a waste of money.
Of course, there are people who have money to waste, that's good.
...and then there are those who really don't have the money to waste but
think they need to spend a couple hundred when they can really get what
they need for 20 or 30 bucks.
I am using Office 2016my google assistant just told me that micro soft will
provide security updates for it till October of2025.

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Colonel Monte wrote in part:

"I purchased the full micro soft office suite from amazon for about 30

That's why I love hanging out with you at the garrison; why do I need a
monthly or an annual subscription when I can grab the software and install
it on my toy? I have the silly suite running on My Shiny Android toys for
zero pennies. Of course, I'm willing to pay to purchase a copy for my
computer toys whilst I still have them, but I DO NOT wish to pay $100
especially since I'd only wind up using one or two programs contained in the

Anyhow, I'm a crazy, nonconformist child and my rules should only apply to
me and my two left legs!

Denver, Colorado

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