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Gerald Levy

As a follow-up, I just completed an online form using Google Chrome to request the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine at home.  There was an"I am not a robot" check box, which I checked, and I was able to submit the form successfully without being confronted with a visual captcha or audio challenge.


On 3/7/2021 6:18 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:

Gene, because you, by your own admission, do not use Google Chrome, your analysis is not accurate.  Using Chrome, whenever I have encountered an "I am not a robot" check box and checked it, I have always been able to bypass visual captchas and audio challenges.  But the same may not be true of other Chromium based browsers like Brave and Edge, because they are rivals to Chrome and so have not received authorization from Google to bypass captchas with its proprietary recaptcha system. I suspect that Chrome, unlike other browsers, may recognize that the user is using a screen reader and so bypasses the captcha step to make the process accessible to the blind and hearing impaired.   


On 3/6/2021 7:35 PM, Gene wrote:
The check box is intended to show the captcha that the person using it isn't a robot.  the captcha analyzes the way the mouse moves on the page and infers whether the person is a human.  If that inference indicates the user isn't a human, or may not be, a visual captcha is presented to the sighted user and a blind user can get an audio captcha.

At times those working from the keyboard are approved without a captcha.  At times they aren't.  I don't know if I believe the captcha can tell to an extent if someone is using a keyboard and infer whether the user is a human but it isn't nearly as accurate.

If only a checkbox were used without the analysis I described, then a machine would be able to check the checkbox and the captcha would be worthless.

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But the checkbox verifies that he's not a robot. In  other words solves the

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You don't bypass the captcha. You may be approved or you may have to solve
an audio captcha.  Either may happen after you check the check box.  You
should be able to use the check box with other browsers as well.  I don't
think it works with Internet Explorer.

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Or a Chromium based browser (such as Microsoft Edge.)

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If memory serves, the Next Door site has one of those "I am not a robot"
check boxes.  If you use Google Chrome, you can check this box to bypass the



On 3/6/2021 2:42 PM, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all, I am running jaws 18 and windows ten. I am trying to join and it has a captcha thing. How do I get past that? Jim

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