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Allen West

I would love to use Edge to open PDF's. The problem here is that for
my job, I have to complete PDF forms that have edit fields. When using
Edge with both JAWS and NVDA, the edit fields were not detectable.
Switching to Adobe solved the problem.
If you can tell me how this can be done with Edge, I would love to try it.


On 3/7/21, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:
Hi Group,

While it is all well and good that you can change the default open file
for any and all documents, I personally prefer the Microsoft Edge
browser to open PDF documents. time and time again, I have found that it
renders PDF content in a more accurate and orderly form than does
Acrobat Reader. This of course, if while using a screen reader and the
virtual buffer that is a part of all major screen readers now of days.
I have no idea if this is true for sighted usage.

On 3/6/2021 10:53 PM, Allen West wrote:
Thanks for this. It should have that easy. I had to go into the
Control Panel on both computers and Enter on the Default Apps link and
Enter on Change Account Types, select Adobe Acrobat and Shift F10 on
it. Then I had to select Change and run a repair. After that, I was
able to perform the steps you posted.


On 3/5/21, Steve Matzura <number6@...> wrote:
Windows updates tend to change things. To change it back, do the

1. Find a PDF with File Explorer.

2. Open the Properties sheet for the PDF you found by pressing

3. Tab to the "Change" button, or press its shortcut, ALT+C.

4. Use the Up and Down Arrow keys to find Adobe Acrobat Reader DC in the
list of applications for opening Portable Document Format files.

5. Tab to and activate the OK button.

6. Tab to and activate the Apply button, or press its shortcut key,
ALT+A. NOTE: If no change was made in Step 4, the Apply button will
either be grayed, dimmed, or just plain not on the screen. Don't worry
if you can't find it, and if you press ALT+A and it isn't there, nothing
will happen.

7. Press ENTER to close the Properties sheet dialog.

All done.

On 3/5/2021 9:18 AM, Allen West wrote:

I have always been able to make Acrobat Reader DC the default for
opening PDF's. In the past week, I have tried to make this change on
two computers. The default is MS Edge. Has something changed?
I'm trying to help two friends. If you know, please let me know.



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