Victor Trek, is it worth the money?

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  When the Victor Trek was first due for release I placed a preorder however I cancelled that preorder as other things took priority at that time.  I am now again thinking about purchasing this item.  It has been on the market for a while now and I would like to get your feedback if you own one of these devices.  It is an expensive item and thus I don’t want to waist my money.  I do have a Victor Strasa12m player and though I like it I had to send it back for repair and once it returned after about a year the same problem re-occurred.  When I returned it the first time they took the easy option and changed the board rather than trying to find out the problem.  After the second episode I have stored it away for emergency use and bought a Plextalk and I’ve had no trouble with this machine since I got it.  So this might give you an idea of why I would like feedback regarding the Victor trek as I’m not too sure about the reliability of their products.  However I must balance this by saying I have the Trekker Breeze Plus and although I’ve not used it much in recent times it hasn’t given me any trouble apart from a battery replacement.


So if you have, an use the Victor Trek what is your experience and would you recommend it.  Any opinions would be appreciated.  Walter.


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