New Notetaker for Android coming: FW: [Blind Android Users] MORE UPDATE ON HIMS BRAILLESENSE6

John Holcomb II

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Ok, this so-called new toy from HIMS will come with 6GB RAM, 128GB storage
space. It will run Android10, no information was shared regarding a path to
an upgrade of the OS.

The presenters are directing everyone to visit the HIMS-INC website to read
more about the specs of the new toy. Oh, one more thing: No TOUCHSCREEN on
this thing, they contend that it wasn't popular. They also think that they
could possibly reintroduce the touchscreen some time later.

Here's the web address to go to:

Shipment of the bad girl is expected to begin in early June. They say it is
SHOCKINGLY FAST. It has FOUR USB PORTS: 2 USB-A, 1 USBC, and the fourth
one is specifically for computer-related stuff.

Cost Price: $5,795.00. Polaris owners can upgrade for $1,500.00! Will
yell again when I find out anything else interesting worth reporting.

Denver, Colorado

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