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Monte Single

Hi Mike,


Send me your phone number of list at;




Cheers Monte


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Howdy Monte,


It sounds like you're opening the main Dropbox folder on your computer, but Dropbox isn't starting with your computer and connecting to the internet.  Where do you have Dropbox set to start from?  It needs to be set to start from the Dropbox preferences and from the Startup tab in the Task manager.  As for the Dropbox icon not showing in the system tray, that needs to be turned on in,

Settings / Personalization / Taskbar...


I don't know when you'll read this message and if you don't getter figured out before tomorrow afternoon perhaps we can connect by phone and I'll see if I can help you get Dropbox configured over the phone.  I'll check back tomorrow to see what's happening.  Hasta la vista.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Subject: [TechTalk] I want to drop dropbox!


Yes, that’s how I feel.


I am using win10 20h2,  with current versionsof chrome, and nvda.

Lately,   dropbox does nothing.

Well,  It is checked to run at startup,  but it is not in the systray, not that I can see.

It never shows up in the app meny.I  then start dropbox with the run command, open it, drop folders into it,  wait a while for the upload process, but when I open the app menu on a folder,  I get no option to “copy link location.”


Please, tell me I’m missing something simple,  beside myself!

No emogies, just egg on face while gobbling humble pie and crow!

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