Remapping keys with a screen reader?


Hello list,

So I recently bought a new mechanical keyboard with brown cherry MX switches to replace my blue cherry MX keyboard that had a jammed spacebar. This new keyboard is ok so far, but one thing that I didn’t realize when buying it is that where the applications key usually is (between the right windows key and right control key), there’s an FN key instead. There are also four keys separate and immediately above the numpad with dedicated functions. From left to right, it’s mute, volume down, volume up and calculator.

Not having the applications key where it usually is isn’t a deal breaker necessarily, but I’d like to be able to have an applications key on this full keyboard instead of having to use the shift+F10 command. My impulse is to remap the dedicated calculator key on the top far right of the keyboard since I never ever use the built in windows 10 calculator app and from what I read, it’s not really possible to remap the dedicated FN key, but as I’ve never bothered to look into doing such a thing since I never had to undertake such a task, I have no idea how accessible the process is or if there’s maybe a free app out there that can do this if it’s not possible in Windows 10 alone.

 My main screen reader is Jaws, but I also have NVDA on this machine.

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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