probles with face book posting

heather albright

Hello, this may sound like a strange question but, how do you get your post to post off face book

? I use the face book mobile site and in the past, you could get directly to where you posted something but, now it changed and it does not matter which browser I use, it no longer goes directly to where I can post.

I did see where it says press inter to post but, it never works.

I tried both jaws 2021 and NVDA. I can get directly to where I can post off my iPhone but, not my computer

. So what am I missing, face book used to be so easy in the past.

I have been posting off my iPhone so I did not see the changes they made to face book off the pc. I think my last post off the pc was in August.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Heather


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