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Shelly Kane


I haven't used Facebook on the computer in a long time so I have no idea what they have done.  It used to be very easy.  You should be able to go to what's on your mind and enter there and type your post and then tab to where it says post and then enter.  Facebook is doing something different all around.  I don't like what they have done on the app.  Now when I go through my news feed or my notifications and I click on one of my friends, after I comment or like something, there is no back button.  You now have to scrub the screen with 2 fingers to make it go back where you can start looking at other posts.  It's a pain in the neck and I wish they would leave things alone.  Hope this somewhat helps.


On 3/11/2021 12:55 AM, heather albright wrote:

Hello, this may sound like a strange question but, how do you get your post to post off face book

? I use the face book mobile site and in the past, you could get directly to where you posted something but, now it changed and it does not matter which browser I use, it no longer goes directly to where I can post.

I did see where it says press inter to post but, it never works.

I tried both jaws 2021 and NVDA. I can get directly to where I can post off my iPhone but, not my computer

. So what am I missing, face book used to be so easy in the past.

I have been posting off my iPhone so I did not see the changes they made to face book off the pc. I think my last post off the pc was in August.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Heather


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