Re: Moving ads out of the way in Firefox

Hope Williamson

Just use uBlock origin. It will get rid of all ads.

On 3/11/2021 11:00 AM, Steven Johnson wrote:

Good day everyone.  I’m posting here trying to find a way to move an annoying ad out of the way on one of my favorite auction sites.  When I locate an item that I would like more info about, I hit enter on the item’s link and I am presented with several tabs including an info tab which is the one I would like.  I hit spacebar on that tab, and in the place of the text that I would like to read, a random ad occurs in its place.  Anyone know of a nifty trick to scoot the intrusive ad out of the way and read the info about my auction item?  I use JAWS 2019 with Firefox.  Thanks in advance for any tips.

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