Odd Issue With VoiceOver On iPhone SE 2020

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I am not sure just how this happened, but it began after I listened to a TV stream through a Blue Tooth Speaker and after I turned the speaker off while it was connected to the iPhone.

What happens now is that VoiceOver will not speak on the home screen or in any apps. When I tell Siri to turn VoiceOver on, Siri says: 'VoiceOver is already on.'  At that point using standard navigation gesture, VoiceOver works on the Siri listen screen and if I move to the status bar, it reads the status bar items with  standard navigation gestures.  But if I then try to press the home key which usually takes me to the first page of apps or back to wherever I was before invoking Siri, speech stops completely.

I never heard anything like this before. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how is it rectified?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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