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heather albright

I do not know what I did, I guess they have   to facebook   mobile sites, learn something knew. So there is the regular mobile site and there is the basic mobile site. The one you want is the basic mobile site and you will get that message to go back to the regular mobile site. So you can post like before directly off the first page. I just went to

I am using the brave browser. Thanks everyone, cheers Heather



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When I use a PC, I prefer brave as my browser as well.



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Yes, it does not work with chrome, firefox, edge or brave. I tried all with I like to use brave as my prefer to use brave but, I tried the others so I could post using the pc as the post was already on my pc and did not want to transfer the data to my iPhone! So does any one have the steps for making a post off the pc? Thanks Heather


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I use the same and I also have the app on my phone.  I used to use but it doesn't work with Google Chrome. 


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I use


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I use


very accessible as long as you don't try to delete lists (selected groups of your friends you wish to post things on your wall to).  I have found that making these lists is easy, but removing them or deleting them is impossible as there is no "remove or delete list" button or link.



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Hello everyone

I believe there is an address which works better with screen readers but
I've lost the address.

Sorry if this is a bit vague


Can anyone tell me if there is a more accessible facebook page.

Mike Gurney
  Tel 01908560380



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