Re: A Galaxy question

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Kay, oh, I'll SHAKE YOUR HANDS, just so you know I'm NOT AT WAR or trying to
be confrontational. That said, it's obvious that your daughter KEPT
GRABBING whatever apps were grabbable from the Play Store and wherever else
and installing these apps on her toy. Well, I don't know what apps she has
in that rather long list. I don't know what she CONSIDERS ABSOLUTELY USEFUL
and what she considers to be junk. She's the only one who can make such a
determination. For instance, I have nearly 180 apps on my DAILY DRIVER toy.
I don't use them all, but I am a tinkerer always TESTING APPS for
accessibility and usability as a blind individual. As such, if I wish to
hurting my toy.

Yes, her toy DOES HAVE AN SD CARD SLOT. When you said Galaxy7, I'm assuming
your daughter has the S7 series and this one does include the said slot.
Samsung brought it back after it made dismal sales of the S6 where it had
tried removing it. It has removed the SD CARD SLOT in the latest S21, many
of us are watching what the sales figures will be like in a few months.
Retaining the SD CARD SLOT was a good thing for Samsung, but may be the
conglomerate has uncovered other goodies and now feels comfortable throwing
it away on the S21.

I do hope this is somewhat helpful; as an aside, if you've read my posts,
you'd probably know that I TEND TO ENGAGE IN SARCASM quite a bit; yes, I do
know that sarcasm DOESN'T ALWAYS RUB IN WELL with many and I reasonably try
to tighten a few screws around the fine lines. My pals and buddies in this
space throw one back at me now and then, and that's how I learn playing and
tinkering with my toys with much glee.

Denver, Colorado

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