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Madison Martin

Hi Tariq,
Here's a link that'll give you all the info you could ever want/need for using Jaws and Office.

Hope this helps!!

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Hi Tariq,

I see, that no one has responded to your mail so far. I was hoping someone more knowledgeable than informed would be able to answer all your questions.

I would request you to refer to

as it is a repository all the material concerning Windows10, office365 & JAWS.
& office365 is easier & better than all theprevious versions in all respects..



On 3/12/21, Tariq Ali <> wrote:
Hi all
I have been a very competent JAWS user for several years with windows
XP and windows seven utilising Microsoft office 2010.

Recently my office has upgraded to Windows 10 and office 360. I seem
to be at a loss with a lot of the functionality. I’m not sure whether
this is a jaws issue or whether it is my unfamiliarity with Windows 10 and office 360.
I am wondering if there are any resources out there that someone could
recommend which I could access. Alternatively if anybody can
recommend any training material that would be also good.


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