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Pablo Morales

Yes, it is true. However, what I am trying to do is not to make a short or exposed cable between 2 or X devices. I am trying to pass the Ethernet Cable through my home, inside the home structure as the phone cable is in every room. Using the prebuild ethernet cable that we can buy on Amazon could be a problem also since we are not going to know what is the presise distance or path that the cable should pass before getting to the point where we have the ethernet jack. Additionally, the size of the RJ-45 adapters could make the process more difficult.

It is why I am trying to find a way to install the RJ-45 on the ethernet cables that I already have installed through my home.

According with videos that I have listening on YouTube, it sounds very easy for someone who can see the cables and who is able to have the precision to keep the thing cables on the right spot until the clip covers the RJ-45 adapter.

However, we, the blind community always are finding ways to do things that sighted people also do. It is why I was asking here if here was anybody with experience about that been blind.




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Hi Pablo,


No, I do not know any blind or low vision person who has made these cables.

These cables are so cheap these days, now that wireless is here in such a big way,  that I’m sure you could buy them  already made up for pennies a foot.

Evenanold dinosaur like my self,  has sent many meters of these to the recycle center.

You could probably find some at a recycle center.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Making Ethernet cables


Hello all,


I am wondering if, anyone here being totally blind has been able to install a RJ 45 adapters on a ethernet cable

I think that it might be very difficult. I guess that a tester could be needed to identify the cable colors. Nevertheless, I think that the worse part is placing the little cables on the adapter in the correct order without putting anyone on the wrong place.

Has anyone able to work on this?

Would you like to share your experience?


Thanks in advance to all,


Pablo Morales


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