Re: Making Ethernet cables

Pablo Morales

No guys,

I am so sorry if my message has not been clear.
I cannot use a prebuild amazon cable. A prebuild cable is going to be
extremely difficult to pass through the phone pipes and structure of my
home. I am trying to wire my home. I have tons of those cables from amazon
and Walmart. However, these cables are not going to fix the problem, my
problem.I need to pass these cables through phone pipes, and the
structure of a house. Not behind the bed.


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Pablo, have an ethernet cable made? Hmm, if you live in these United States
or Canada, I'm certain you can't buy enough of this to empty it off the
shelves of Walmart, Bestbuy, Microcenter and others. None of these stores
are available in your area? Amazon WILL BRING IT TO YOU, just let it know
how long you want the RJ-45 cable to be and you'd be back in business before
I puch the Send button for this message.

Denver, Colorado

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