Need Microsoft Word advice

Steven Johnson <saxmonger@...>

Hi everyone.  I’m having problems with my Word in Office 2019 and I could use some help.  My Word will not open up properly.  I hit enter on Word from the Windows 10 desktop and I get the 5 choices including Blank document, Resumee, single-spaced document, etc., but when I choose blank document, JAWS reports that Word is not responding and then JAWS goes silent as if all of my system resources are being used.  After a few minutes, I can reload JAWS, but Word still says that it is not responding.  I ran “Repair Office” from settings and that did nothing except appearing to reinstall Office and it killed my Product key, causing me to have to re-enter it.  I tried to run Word in safe mode by hitting ctrl-enter on Word’s desktop icon, and that didn’t help.  Any tips or things that I could try to bring back Word.  I need it for work.  Thanks in advance.

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