Re: JAWS 2021 an Calculator on Windows 10

Joe Orozco

What specific problems are you seeing? Windows 10 uses a weird
calculator layout I despise. There's an app out there called Old
Calculator that sort of brings back the Windows 7 feel, though it's
not perfect.--Joe

On 3/11/21, <> wrote:
I just looked for you on mine and it all works perfect even using the
keyboard, or the extended ten keypad

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Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2021 09:48
Subject: [TechTalk] JAWS 2021 an Calculator on Windows 10

Windows 10 calculator works as it should with JAWS 2020, NVDA, and
but with JAWS 2021 a totally different interface comes up. I spent about 2
hours with FS support this morning they tandomed in to my computer but they
could not fix the problem. This happens with 3 computers in my home. Is
there anyone else having this problem?

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