Re: accessible cable TVs

John Holcomb II

Verizon has also improved as per my understanding. So they might be worth a look.

I know spectrum has accessibility stuff too.




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Hi There!

Not certain of what is available in Canada, but I have Comcast and that is very accessible.  I know the AT&T has speech now as well as Charter or whatever there called now.  I use the voice remote with my comcast all the time and it works extremely well!

Good Luck And Have A Good 1!



On 16-Mar-21 14:52, Madison Martin wrote:

Hi all,
I'm not sure if anything like this exists, but I'm going to ask anyway. Does
anyone know of any accessible cable TVs? I don't necessary mean one that's all
voice-activated/controlled, but just  one where you know what's on the screen
like when you punch in a channel number and it shows what's on that channel or
when you're going through the TV guide trying to find something to watch. I know
there's the Amazon Firestick and other such things and streaming services, but
we'd like to stick with cable. If no one knows of any then that's fine I'm
simply asking out of curiosity. Thanks for any info anyone can provide!!!!!

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