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Gerald Levy

Another thing, Madison.  It is not necessary to cross post your inquiry to every blindness-related tech list at the same time.  Post to one or two of them at a time, and if you don't receive satisfactory responses, then go on and post to a few others.  And please provide as much information as possible to elicit helpful responses.  When you are inquiring about a computer problem, always specify your operating system and screen reader.  If inquiring about cable TV, specify your cable provider and so on.


On 3/16/2021 3:38 PM, Monte Single wrote:
Hi Madison,

When talking about different phone, cable and internet services on these
lists, it is good to say the area where you live.
I know you live in Manitoba,  but the majority of people on these lists do
not or do not remember that.
As Mitch mentioned in  another message, Shaw may have the service you are
looking for and I know Shaw is one of the players in Manitoba.
Good luck,


P s,   I heard on the news yesterday that Rogers  will purchase Shaw for a
bizillion dollars in the near future.
..and another one bites the dust.
Here in Canada,  the big I s ps are Bell, Rogers, Telus and
Shaw.-----Original Message-----
From: <> On Behalf Of Madison
Sent: March 16, 2021 12:52 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] accessible cable TVs

Hi all,
I'm not sure if anything like this exists, but I'm going to ask anyway. Does
anyone know of any accessible cable TVs? I don't necessary mean one that's
all voice-activated/controlled, but just  one where you know what's on the
screen like when you punch in a channel number and it shows what's on that
channel or when you're going through the TV guide trying to find something
to watch. I know there's the Amazon Firestick and other such things and
streaming services, but we'd like to stick with cable. If no one knows of
any then that's fine I'm simply asking out of curiosity. Thanks for any info
anyone can provide!!!!!

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