Re: Printer Sharing On A Network

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Mr. Canazzi wrote:

"Two of the computers do not have blue tooth."

No, not talking about bluetooth, but WI-FI! Your printer sir DOES SUPPORT
WI-FI NETWORKING. As Colonel Monte suggested, and I am in complete
agreement, just grab two USB WI-FI ADAPTERS and you'll be in business in
zero time.

Methinks using wireless connectivity is less hassle unless you want to keep
running cables all over town for other reasons. All the computer toys I
have here already have WI-FI chips embedded in them and that includes an XP
machine I built having a millennium back. I believe in CUTTING CABLE
CLUTTER and WI-FI just wins for me hands down 100%!

Denver, Colorado

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