Re: I'm fed up. I need help badly.



Clean installs usually do tend to sort out most of the software
problems. Should you still face issues with your computer, we may then
have to move to hardware. Most probably $qm bu5 in a worse case
scenario even the hard disk.

I would recommend formating the PC since that way it would be easier
for us to nulify possibilities.



On 3/21/21, Jim Rawls <> wrote:
Bharat, would a clean install of windows solve the problems I am having?
I'll try it, and hope for the best. Jim

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Hi Jim,

Here's hoping you would have some or the other way to fix this laptop
but in case you still have these issues here is whatrecommend.

Please backup your documentnts just in case. & then, click on start &
in the search box that comes up, type reset. . Once in the reset
dialogue box. choose the option that tells you wherein it tells you it
would reinstall your windows & you may loose all the programmes &
other data.

There it would also ask you if you would like to install windows
online or offline. I recommend you choose offline installation. incase
that fails choose online. For the online installation to work you
would need a fast & stable internet connection.

within no time you would be done.

In order to read all the screens that may be presented to you from
time to time during installation turn on narrator by pressing
CTRL+Windows+Enter. You may have to turn on Narrator more than once if
you realise it stopped in between which does at times, after the
computer reboots.



On 3/15/21, Gene <> wrote:
You don't have to reinstall Windows. Windows 10 has a feature that places

completely clean installation of Windows on the machine andit will do so
from the current installation. others who use Windows 10 can tell you
name of the feature and how to use it. I don't think you can keep any
active programs installed. You can keep files, such as documents, music,
etc. on the drive, but if you could keep active programs, it wouldn't be
clean installation of Windows.

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My opinion would be to do a totally fresh install of Windows 10,If you

your office product key you should be able to download the program from

Microsoft store to reinstall it. and you can redownload the JAWS versions
you have licenses for. Another option might be to reset Windows 10 and
choose to save your data, but with all the problems you are having there
must be some big time file corruption's, or hardware problems.

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From: Jim Rawls
Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2021 3:07 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] I'm fed up. I need help badly.

Hi all, I have mentioned this computer and the problems it has before. I

ready to trash it. For example, it will not update. Microsoft could not

it update. When I try to install a program, like jaws for example, the
program will not install. I am authorized for jaws 19 20 and 21, but they
won’t install. Neither will any other program. Every time I try to install

program, I hear jaws say. The install has failed. My outlook program is

working correctly either. Spell check is all messed up. It is outlook

I have tried to do a system restore, but it will not go back to an
restore point. So, I want to know if any ideas I have will work, If I
back to factory settings, on this dell, and then try to set up my
computer, will it at like a new computer, eliminating all the mess I
have? And how can I hold on to the programs on here, that I want to keep,
like my office small business edition? This is a windows ten computer,

least it says it is, and I am running jaws 18. So if you can help please


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