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Troy Burnham


I realize there's usually more than one way in windows to perform a task, but right after sending this note to the list it dawned on me to open settings. I did that and found I think it said startup apps, and after choosing that I started tabbing through and there were several things. Dropbox was one thing listed and it was off, so I turned it on and rebooted and now my dropbox is enabled and showing me the file that was shared with me this morning.


On 3/26/2021 11:01 AM, Gene wrote:
I don't know what problem was being solved but in general, stopping Dropbox won't solve a problem.  And I don't know what else was stopped so I don't know if it matters.

I've seen mixed reports about Microsoft Disability service and it seems to vary quite a bit, depending on who you get.

You will have to start Dropbox manually if you want to change the automatic startup setting, or at least, that's one way.  It sounds as though you know how to do that.
Once started go into the actual system tray, not the system tray dialog your screen-reader provides.

To do this, use the command Windows key b.
Now type the letter d until you are on Dropbox.
Press the space bar.
A context menu will open.
Up arrow to preferences and press enter.
When preferences opens you will be on a field where you can tell Dropbox to start on startup or not.  It is currently unchecked. Check it with the space bar, tab to and activate the ok button.

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Hi all,

I had to call Microsoft accessibility the other day and one of the
things the guy did to try to solve my problem was to stop a couple of
things from starting on bootup. One of those things was dropbox, but I
share a dropbox with some friends and lots of things get shared and I
haven't been getting anything that's been shared over the past few days,
including something that was put in the box specifically for me this

I'm running the latest version of windows 10 here, how do I get dropbox
to start when windows starts?



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