Re: two questions

Joe Giovanelli


While on the file I want to download, I go to the Applications menu. There is nothing there called More Options.

Where will I find that?

If it matters, I'm running Windows 1o.

Joe G.

On 3/25/2021 8:08 PM, David Moore wrote:

To rename a file, just select the file, and press F2 and then you can edit the file! Make sure that you keep the file extinsion in tact. to download a file, go to more options and look for download in that more options menu!
I hope that works for you!

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021, 7:03 PM Joe Giovanelli <joegio100@...> wrote:
Good evening,

I have two questions.

1. How do I rename a file in Windows 10?

2. How do I download a file? When I highlight nit and open it, the files
plays rather than downloading. I tried the applications key and didn't
find an option to download it nrather than playing it?

I thank you.

Joe Giovanelli, W2PVY

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