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John Holcomb II

That’s because the guy is no longer in business.

He couldn’t get them to send him any more  and waited so long that he had to close up shop.




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Thanks Kathrine!

Was thinking about the 3000 but wasn't sure of where to tell them to go to find it. Do you know if there is somewhere they can go and get general info on the talking thermostats? I believe there is a site called ''. I was not able to access this one though.., my antivirus program kept wanting to block it..? Again Thanks!


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I would provide the info for the thermostat to the apartment people and they can check with their service provider. at first my building wanted to get much more expensive things but I persuaded them to go with the 3000 and it is great but may depend on the heating system. Hope this helps. Catherine 

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Hi there FOLKS!
Am in an apartment complex and they were going to get me a talking thermostat. So I looked up talking thermostats and found the VIP 3000. Question, can anyone tell me if this unit will work with steam heat? I believe the heating system is some sort of forced steam or hot water system. I couldn't find anything that directly mentioned this type of heating..? If this won't work could someone please suggest a unit that would work? Much THANKS!
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