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Mike B.

Hi Vicki,
I don't recall where I got these steps, but they've worked for me:
Using JAWS 2020 and Google Chrome, I do the following:
On Dropbox site, after logging in, enter on Account. This expands the account menu.
Enter on Settings
Enter on Security tab, to select it.
There are several other settings before the list of devices. Either scroll past them, or look for the word "devices" on the page.
Devices currently linked to Dropbox are listed from the most recently used to the oldest. Each device has an indication of when it was last using Dropbox,
and each device has an "unlink" button.  
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Subject: [TechTalk] dropbox question

Can someone tell me where in Dropbox you can go to see which devices are using dropbox in order to disable the ones you no longer need?

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