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Gerald Levy

I think the version of Outlook Express that works with Windows 10 is called OE Classic, but it is not free, and although users have reported that it has so far not been affected by feature updates, there is no guarantee that this will continue to be the case with future updates, and it could stop working at any time, which is why relying on it as your email client of choice is not a good idea.


On 3/29/2021 6:25 AM, chris judge wrote:

There is a version of outlook express that works with windows 10. I’ve never used it but I know a couple people who do. Not sure how well it works and I’ve hear it is often effected by windows updates.


Chris Judge


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Outlook Express was in Windows XP

Became Windows mail in Windows Vista

Became Windows Live mail in Windows 7 and joined the Windows Essentials suite.

For Windows 10, the equivalent would be Mail which is built into Windows.


If you don't want to use that, your alternatives are Outlook if you have Office, or Thunderbird, or a web mail interface.


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On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 6:45 AM Jerry hathaway <jerry.hathaway2@...> wrote:

I want to know if there is a Outlook Express version that will work with windows 10.





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