Re: transfer a file?


I could not figure out WE transfer using JAWS so I just copied it to a DVD
and mailed it.

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Are you wanting to upload the file you want to share? Do you have the file
uploaded, and just want to send the file?


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But if you use Send Space, you need to tell those you are sending files to
who are free users how to use it safely. Unless you know how, hacked
advertising may be shown that may try to install malware. You need to know
how to use the site in such a way that you don't see advertising as a free

Also, if you are sending a long file, free users have greatly restricted
download speeds. It may not matter, the person can just let the download
progress much more slowly than his actual speed, but if it does matter to
someone, there are other free alternatives.

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I like


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Subject: [TechTalk] transfer a file?

I have a file I want to transfer to another person. What is an easy way to
do this? I tried WE transfer, but did not find it accessible.

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