Re: Edit Field With Brave Browser Question Please.


One method is to turn off speech, type, then turn it on again. To turn off speech, the command is JAWS key space, followed by the letter s. The same command again turns speech on again.

It sounds to me as though there is no setting that will solve the problem. My guess is that what is happening is that when you type, the letter is appearing as a selected or highlighted letter. JAWS is announcing it as it appears because JAWS reads selected text by default.

As I consider the problem, there may be another way to solve the problem. JAWS key s switches between three options. The default is highlighted and it is the one you would usually use. All is another option and none is another. Use the command to move to none and see what happens when you type. them move to highlighted after you finish.


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Hi All,
Just for a few weeks maybe a month, everytime I type a search in the edit field using Brave, it keeps typing every letter as well as every word. This is driving me crazy. I have searched in the Brave settings, I've turned off audo complete to see if that would make a difference, I've checked JAWS 2021 Echo settings, and he is set to speak nothing as I type, but nothing seems to make a difference. Can someone please give me some suggestions as to how I might rectify this issue before I pull out my hair. This current issue is happening on Win 7 as well as Win 10.

Thank you in advance.


Peace Be With You.

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