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chris judge

Is it any more expensive than the others out there? I haven't really priced anything in quite a while but I thought most 40 cell displays were comparable in price. The mantis also has an editor, book reader, and a host of other stand alone apps. The qwerty keyboard makes it worth it to me even if it is a bit more expensive as even though I learned on Braille when I was five years old, I never cared for Braille input.

Chris Judge

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I’ve read good things about that braille display. It’s too bad it’s so expensive.

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I have the mantis q 40 on order and can't wait to receive it. If you prefer qwerty typing over Braille input, as I do, this baby is the solution as it boasts a qwerty keyboard.

Chris Judge

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I am in the market for a new braille display for my job. It needs to be no less than twenty cells, small enough to throw into my backpack and can read Word documents

I have used the Focus 40, but it does not meet my needs. I am looking for suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Allen West

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